Disability Insurance Options

Disability Income

Disabled Doesn’t Mean Unable

While life insurance protects your family from financial loss after you’ve passed away, disability insurance ensures that you and your family are financially protected while you are still alive. A disability insurance policy provides an income replacement if you can no longer work due to a disability. Because health insurance only covers the cost of your medical procedures and recovery, disability insurance is a necessary supplement to pay for your everyday bills and expenses. It’s crucial that anyone who relies on an income for their everyday expenses gets a disability plan — getting coverage safeguards you against the risk of missing payments on your mortgage, utilities, and other bills.

Consider All Your Disability Insurance Options

When it comes to your disability insurance, your options aren’t limited to just one.

  • Long-term disability insurance - Pays monthly benefits if you become too ill or disabled to work. The payout is up to 60% of your gross salary.
  • Supplemental disability insurance - Disability insurance offered through your employer is usually not enough to cover all monthly expenses, supplemental disability insurance can fill that gap.
  • Disability overhead insurance - Specifically for business owners to pay business overhead expenses including rent, utilities, salaries for employees, and payroll tax in the event you, as the owner, becomes disabled or ill and can’t continue to run the business.

Solutions Tailored to Discover the Best Disability Insurance for You

When you work with CBIZ, you always have the support of a trusted advisor backed by national resources. Our ultimate goal is to help find you the correct disability insurance that meets all of your family’s financial obligations, securing your peace of mind and a solid financial future.