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Mastering a Slow Growth Economy

The only thing that’s certain about 2023 is uncertainty, but with unpredictability comes opportunity. The current climate calls for leaders to operate with agility and excellence — moving with purpose, applying new ideas, making bold decisions. With economic recession indicators on the rise, we’ve gathered our latest insights and solutions to help you master the moment.

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Featured Insights on Managing an Economic Downturn

An EPL claim can be a huge financial and time burden foryour company. Use these steps to prevent the risk of EPL claims and learn youroptions to settle disputes.
Financial stability in general is a top priority for employers in 2023 as the possibility of a recession grows. Troubling signs include two consecutive quarters of declining gross domestic product, record-high inflation, rising interest rates, a struggling stock market and cooling of the venture capital market.
For employers looking to stay ahead of the curve this year, incorporating the benefits employees value most into their health plan is essential. However, it’s equally important to keep your bottom line in mind.

Navigating the murky waters of  economic uncertainty is no small feat — CFOs often walk a tightrope between preserving the company's well-being and making difficult decisions that will impact the organization for years to come.

Employers are preparing to increase salaries in 2023 due labor shortages and increasing employee demands. Learn how to retain employees amid rising inflation.

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your relationship with your vendors. From cybersecurity to ESG, here are some ways to evaluate this relationship.

In this article, we'll explore three things CFOs need to know to navigate the challenging financial landscape and keep their organizations afloat amidst the changing tides.

A volatile economy, forces companies to look toward reductions. Use these tips to navigate reductions and learn how to protect your business during layoffs.
Employee engagement is a critical lever for business success. Improve your understanding of employee engagement and how to move the needle.

As a manufacturer, it’s important to recession-proof your business before one occurs. Learn why cash flow problems are the key and how to make the tough financial decisions.

The supply chain disruptions sparked by the pandemic and ongoing geopolitical conflicts exposed several weaknesses in the system. As manufacturing and distribution firms look to the future, one thing is clear — after three years of supply chain bottlenecks, there’s no going back to the old normal.

While most employers project salary increases this year, many are looking beyond pay alone to help attract and retain talent. The economic downturn has exacerbated the importance of taking a total rewards approach to meeting employees’ expectations, and having a strong, multi-faceted benefits program is an essential perk.
An estimated 2 million jobs could be lost nationwide in 2023, according to Citi Global Wealth Investment’s Wealth Outlook Roadmap. This means that unemployment could rise above 5% this year if projections reach these estimates.
The financial impacts of a recession are widely acknowledged. However, the emotional damage an economic downturn can inflict on employees is just as damaging, if not more so. As we head into a period of great uncertainty, employers should begin to consider how to support employees’ wellbeing to minimize fear and stress in the workplace.

In this article, we'll shed light on why R&D is a smartinvestment during a recession and how companies can navigate the R&Dlandscape to come out on top.

Webinars Focused on Helping Business Owners During a Recession

The recent failures of Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have investors concerned about financial stability. In this webinar, we'll explore the reasons behind these failures, the role of rate hikes in these events, and implications for investing and the American economy. 
In this webinar, we'll discuss why a strong employee experience matters now more than ever, when the employee experience truly begins, and tactics to enhance your employees’ experience.
In this webinar, you’ll hear from our Employee Benefits, Retirement & Investment and Talent & Compensation experts on trending topics that may affect your business in 2023 and tactics to master a slow growth economy.