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Explore CBIZ’s latest insights on the workplace of the future during recovery, growth, and transformation. Learn about the opportunities facing your organization’s approach to office configurations, work arrangements, talent, and more by clicking through on the resources below.


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COVID-19 changed how most businesses operate day-to-day. Similarly, many financial statement audit teams were tasked with migrating to a fully remote environment in order to complete year-end financial statement audits and other attest functions.

Technology companies in particular may need to take note of how to improve diversity and inclusion efforts.

Enterprise risk management may change in significant ways because of COVID-19.

Property insurance values make up an essential component of your property insurance coverage and policies, but for a large part of this year, the routine task of collecting and reporting on property valuation data was challenging.


Hiring new personnel may not be on the short list - or within budget - but CBIZ Talent Compensation Services Consultant, Kristen Faust, shares how the disrupted job market presents a unique opportunity for planning for future hires.

Remote work arrangements bring new attention to the technology that facilitates that collaboration, such as video conferencing and chat tools. CBIZ Chief of Staff, Elizabeth Newman, and Director of Learning & Development, Phil Zaman, will share how they have used Microsoft Teams to keep CBIZ professionals connected during the COVID-19 disruption and where they see collaborative technology going in the future.