Human Capital Management

CBIZ Human Capital Management delivers human capital management solutions to help you navigate the challenges and intricacies in your employees’ life cycles – from hire to retire.

Our more than 300 professionals nationwide work with you every step of the way to ensure we lay the foundation, consistently provide the service, and guide the overall strategy for your human capital success.


CBIZ Human Capital Management’s payroll services ease and automate the administrative burdens that can frequently take you and your employees away from more pressing projects.

We empower you with human capital management solutions and strategies ensuring your time is spent running your organization not processing payroll.

  • Payroll Administration: Automate the administrative functions that can frequently take you and your associates away from more important tasks.
  • Time & Attendance: Our employee-friendly mobile apps and manager-friendly reporting tools make time and attendance easy for your entire organization.
  • COBRA Administration Services: From tracking enrollment and premium payments to providing every required COBRA notice, our COBRA services mitigate your organization’s major COBRA administration risks.

For additional payroll solutions customized for your business, please visit our payroll services page.

HRIS Technology

Our HRIS technology is a complete human capital management system that automates all your HR-related activities — from applicant tracking to benefits enrollment and administration to workflow management — in one cloud-based portal.

  • Employee Self-Service: The self-service portal empowers your employees to take control of their benefits and HR information.
  • Benefits Management: Simplify your benefits management so you can increase employee self-service and decrease administrative burdens.
  • Performance Management: Leave the paperwork behind and embrace agile, online employee reviews, managerial reviews to reach long-term potential through proper evaluation.

For additional HRIS technology solutions, please visit our HRIS technology page.