International Benefits Network | CBIZ Employee Benefits

International Benefits Network | CBIZ Employee Benefits

CBIZ is Proud to Be a Member of the International Benefits Network & the Prestigious IBN Global Council

The International Benefits Network (IBN) is a global network of independent employee benefits and wellbeing consulting firms in over 80 countries. They select the best consultants to provide services for each specific market, providing CBIZ and our clients with access to international employee benefits expertise.

In the News: The International Benefits Network announces the appointment of CBIZ, IBN member in the USA, to the IBN Global Council.

More About the International Benefits Network

An attractive and well-thought-out employee benefit package can help you to recruit and retain the best talent in your industry, regardless of current economic and employment factors. An employee remuneration package needs to be competitive and cost effective in local terms. At the same time, benefit offerings should be integrated as much as possible with your global benefits strategy and philosophy.

IBN has a global benefits philosophy as well, and it is adhered to by each member throughout the world. They have built their membership on the philosophy that a continual exchange of information is key to meeting client need.