Clinical Consulting Services

Clinical Consulting Services

Employer-Sponsored Health Center Solutions 

Helping you identify ways to manage heath care costs while improving the overall health and wellbeing of your population with employer-sponsored health center solutions. 

Employer-sponsored health centers can bring both financial and non-financial benefits to health plan members, particularly when combined with many of the resources employers have already invested in. There are many options and services that can be evaluated, from full onsite or near-site health centers to select provider relationships.

CBIZ Clinical Consulting Services can help with the initial analysis and identification of options, as well as with ongoing evaluation and monitoring. There are many important considerations when evaluating the feasibility of implementing a health center, or analysis of performance and optimization of an existing health center. CBIZ Clinical Consulting Services is uniquely qualified to assist organizations with this analysis through our data and experience-driven processes. 


Below is a list of employer-sponsored health center-related services available. CBIZ Clinical Consulting Services can also customize a proposal to meet your specific needs. 

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Why engage CBIZ Clinical Consulting Services? 

  • The market for onsite or near-site employer health center services is increasingly complex. Selecting a partner that is able to deliver the services unique to your organization is critical.
  • Experience in managing the many integration points between benefit plan design and healthcare reform, which aren’t well understood by the marketplace.
  • The link between an employer-sponsored health center, plan design, rewards and incentives is paramount to success. Partnering with an organization that understands each of these components is crucial.
  • The organizational change management component of implementing an employer-sponsored health center is large and requires an organization that understands how to communicate these changes.
  • CBIZ has conducted many feasibility studies across the country and is familiar with the latest industry trends.
  • Vendor ROI models can be incomplete; CBIZ has the experience to determine the credibility of each model, allowing for a true comparison of services and cost.
  • Proven record of clients achieving / exceeding project results following feasibility study analysis.
  • Easily accessible and responsive dedicated team, with over 35 years of combined clinical and industry experience.

For More Information

For more detailed information or a proposal, please contact Erin Eason, National Director, Clinical Consulting Services.

Erin Eason

National Director of Onsite Clinic Consulting Services

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