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In 2009, CBIZ expanded its Government Contracting Practice by acquiring National Benefit Alliance, LLC, a leading provider of benefit brokerage, consulting and administrative services to the government contracting industry. National Benefit Alliance (NBA) was formed in 1998 to provide a fully-outsourced benefit solution to all teaming members working on the Joint Base Operations and Support Contract at Kennedy Space Center. NBA provided those services throughout the entire 14-year term of the JBOSC contract and, as CBIZ, continues to provide such services to a number of NASA contractors.

Setting CBIZ apart from other practitioners is our advanced technology and the manner in which it integrates the knowledge of benefit professionals, systems specialists and Service Contract Act (SCA) and the Davis Bacon Act (DBA) experts. Developed first in 1998 to manage the complex benefit requirements of the JBOSC contract at Kennedy Space Center, CBAS represents a best of class web-based platform designed specifically to administer all aspects of prevailing wage benefits - from enrollment and eligibility administration to premium administration and hourly fringe benefit compliance. CBAS is supported by an in-house team of eight full time software developers and is constantly being upgraded and enhanced to provide our government contracting clients with cutting edge technology and administrative services.