Litigation Support Resources

Litigation Support Resources

Preserve Your Wealth with Life Insurance Premium Financing

If you anticipate a need for liquidity upon your death, whether to cover the taxes due on your estate or to facilitate a smooth transfer of your business, a life insurance policy with a substantial death benefit could be a wise addition to your wealth and estate plan. Unfortunately, the premiums associated with such a plan can be significant. You may need to liquidate investments to cover the cost, potentially exposing yourself to gift or capital gains taxes and reducing your ability to take advantage of growth in your portfolio. There is, however, another way. Click here to read the full article.

The Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan

Cash balance plans look and behave like defined contribution plans but are in fact defined benefit plans. For this reason, they are subject to the higher maximum benefit and deduction limits afforded to defined benefit plans. This gives business owners the opportunity to defer taxation on much higher levels of income than their current 401(k) plan allows, accumulating significantly higher retirement nest eggs. Cash balance plans are a rapidly growing segment of retirement plans. Click here to learn more.

Don’t Risk Your Cyber Insurance Renewal — Take These Steps

As hackers continue to find new ways to invade your network, carriers will rely on prevention efforts when evaluating your cyber application. Underwriters are tightening availability, and insureds must prove protection efforts for any cyber liability insurance consideration. Click here to learn more about preparing your organization for a successful cyber application process with these recommended controls.

CFO + ESG + Scope 3: The Ripple Effects of Environmental Value-Chain Disclosures

In recent months, public and private sectors have been humming with news of the proposed changes to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The changes strike a vein that isn’t new to the business world, and one that marks an important cultural shift: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs. Companies have taken note that consumers are actively evaluating how companies are responding to environmental concerns, treating people, and setting ethical standards by increasing the amount they disclose about their ESG programs. Click here to continue reading.

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