Career Transition Services

Career Transition Services

A Personalized Solution for Unique Situations

CBIZ EFL Associates’ Career Transition Services program is tailored to guide impacted employees through a successful job transition, with 1:1 dedicated career coaching customized to meet their specific needs. From an individual contributor through the C-suite level, our outplacement program has helped businesses successfully manage the employee separation process.

Offering career transition and outplacement services is crucial for employers. Here's why:

Maintain Reputation

Downsizing or restructuring can be challenging, but how you handle it speaks volumes about your organization's values. Offering career transition support shows that you care about your employees' futures, enhancing your employer brand and reputation.

Increase Morale

When employees know that their employer is invested in their future success, even during transitions, it boosts morale, increases engagement and can help maintain productivity levels within your organization.

Minimize Legal Risk

Providing comprehensive career transition services can mitigate legal risks associated with layoffs or terminations. It demonstrates that you've taken all necessary steps to assist departing employees in finding new opportunities.

Enhance Recruitment

Prospective employees are more likely to consider your organization if they see that you support employees throughout their career journey. Offering career transition services can be a valuable recruiting tool.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

When terminations are handled with empathy and expertise, providing departing employees with actionable solutions and outplacement support empowers them to move forward with confidence. 

It also assures remaining employees that their leadership cares, which improves morale, boosts engagement and mitigates negative feedback.


Connect With Candidates

We know that finding the right talent for your organization can be a challenge. So, consider this your personal introduction to a group of standout individuals who are eager to bring their experience, skills, and drive to your organization. 

Whether you're looking to expand your team or fill a specific need, we're confident you'll discover candidates on this page who are primed to make an immediate and lasting impact. Peruse their backgrounds and let us know if you would like us to make an introduction or feel free to reach out to them directly on LinkedIn. 

This is 100% networking - there is no fee associated. Our only ask is if you do reach out to any of the individuals, please let them know you found them from the Connect With Candidates page. 

Candidates in Software Development/Engineering

Candidates in User/Customer Experience Design and Research

Candidates in Marketing and Social Media 

Candidates in Human Resources Leadership

Candidates in IT Support

Candidates in Banking/Financial Services Leadership

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