Knowledge is Power

Insurance for educational institutions isn’t as simple as ABC. Not only are you focused on student education, schools have a unique set of risks and exposures including students and staff, buildings, equipment and grounds to name a few. That’s why our focus is creating actionable risk management solutions tailored to those in the education industry.

Whether you’re a public or private academic organization, we have extensive knowledge of the education sector and nearly 30 years of providing insurance and risk consulting services to school districts and higher education institutions across the U.S. 

CBIZ Insurance Services brings a problem-solving mindset to help you stay focused on education. Our risk advisors will work with you to identify risk, analyze costs and prioritize the most critical current and emerging challenges that face your educational institution.


  • Colleges/Universities
  • School Districts
  • Private Schools
  • Public/Charter Schools


  • Broad coverage policies for property & liability
  • Leverage consortium groups
  • Co-sourced risk management
  • Enterprise-wide solutions
  • Risk control best practices