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We hope you enjoy our Wellbeing Insights monthly magazine that offers practical tips to inspire readers to make healthy changes in their lives and includes special features like On the Menu nutrition info and recipes, Financial Focus features, Mindful Minute, and Parenting Tips.

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  October 2020
Learn more about the concept of covering and how you can help foster inclusivity at work. Our mindfulness expert shares her top picks to help you grow your practice. Enjoy tips for teaching children to be kind online and check out our guide for decluttering before the winter months.

September 2020
Learn challenging yet effective techniques to become a better listener and gain understanding of different perspectives. Find tips for reducing food waste and gaining control of your debt, and check out the facts about a new wellness trend; blue light-blocking glasses.

  August 2020

Tips for taming internal inflammation, managing your relationship with social media, and navigating back to school uncertainty all in this month’s issue. Tahini is “on the menu” and we’ve got a healthy dip recipe for your snack cravings.


July 2020
Learn about the importance of empathy and how to cultivate more of it in your life in this month’s issue. We’ve also got some warm weather tips for exercising safely, staying hydrated, and keeping your home energy-effective. Pandemic drinking habits have you concerned? Learn more about Alcohol Use Disorder and when to seek help.

  June 2020

In this month’s issue, discover the link between sleep and your immune system, give your workstation an ergonomic tune-up, and check our creative ideas for family fun in the sun.

  May 2020

Hear from our team how they’ve  found silver linings and tended to self-care during the pandemic and learn how to build your own resiliency. Check out our list of immune-boosting foods along with some tips on how to stretch your food to last longer.

  April 2020

Our April issue features timely advice on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on not only your emotional health while social distancing, but also your financial health during this period of market volatility. We also offer tips on remote work and on staying active with at-home workouts. Stay healthy!


March 2020
Learn about the craze of alternative workstations and get the facts on vaping and how it impacts your kids. Oat milk is on the menu this month, and we also sit down with 3 of our experts to learn more about their journeys to vibrant living.


February 2020
Embrace the season and discover more appreciation for the small things with Hygge. We’ll teach you how to cultivate this Scandinavian feeling of coziness and connection. Also in this issue: your complete guide to cooking oils, Heart Health 101 and the 6 keys to financial freedom.


January 2020
Kick off the new decade by exploring methods to boost your mental health including journaling techniques and clearing the air with sage for a fresh start. Tend to your physical health with tips for selecting a personal trainer, a congestion-fighting elixir, and the amazing benefits of acai berries.

  December 2019
Learn about the magic of music and other fun ways to cultivate a joyous holiday season in this month’s issue. Hear from our experts as they respond to questions about their journey toward vibrant living.

November 2019
Learn to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and refresh on tips for holiday overload. For bladder health awareness month, learn the basics of bladder health and check out On the Menu for details of a bladder friendly food: cranberries. Lastly, our Parenting Corner covers navigating the gaming world with your child.








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