Actuarial Consulting Services | CBIZ Employee Benefits

Actuarial Consulting Services | CBIZ Employee Benefits

As health care costs continue to rise year over year, more employers are seeking out innovative ways to mitigate employee benefits expenses in order to maintain their bottom line. However, the increasingly competitive talent market necessitates the use of creative cost-containment strategies that won’t negatively impact the quality of your offerings.

Enter CBIZ Actuarial Consulting Services. Our team of actuarial experts has extensive experience striking this balance. Through the application of financial and mathematical models, we’re prepared to help you optimize your risk alternatives, identify the factors driving your health plan costs and offer smart cost-containment strategies tailored to your specific needs.

What Does an Actuary Do & What Are Actuarial Services?

Before we dive into what sets CBIZ Actuarial Consulting Services apart, we want to address a common question we often receive: What does an actuary do  and what are actuarial services?

Ultimately, an actuary’s job is to analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. In fact, actuaries specialize in risk. They bring with them deep industry knowledge, business acumen and strong analytical skills, all of which come together to help organizations understand the risk of potential events and minimize the cost associated with those risks.

How Can an Actuary Help Reduce Benefits Costs?

Our Actuarial Consulting Services team, led by Dave Rubadue, FSA, MAAA, CLU, National Director of Health Care Actuarial Services, offers a variety of services and solutions intended to help employers control benefits costs while maximizing their employees’ wellbeing.

By applying methodologies that follow the standards enacted by the American Academy of Actuaries, our team makes data-driven decisions to help your organization successfully manage your employee benefits program, achieve sustainable growth and profit, improve health care coverage for your employees and maintain compliance.

We leverage sophisticated data analytics and a deep understanding of the health care industry to perform statistical and financial analyses, offer growth-oriented solutions, provide compliance recommendations and deliver pricing and product development guidance.

About CBIZ Actuarial Services

Statistical & Financial Analyses

  • Financial projections  
  • Expected-loss forecasting  
  • Claim & utilization forecasts  
  • Reserve & accrued liability valuations  
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) development & financial management  
  • Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) valuations  
  • Qualified to form SAP statement opinions — Appointed Actuary  

Strategy & Growth

  • Managed care program ROI assessments  
  • Program & vendor management  
  • Alternative-funding feasibility studies  
  • Agreement review & negotiations  
  • Risk management  
  • Employee benefits captive & MEWA financial feasibility and assessment valuations  


  • Recommendations pertaining to evolving legislation, including the Affordable Care Act   
  • Premium adequacy & reserve appropriateness certifications  
  • Medicare/Medicaid compliance & rate formulation  
  • Discrimination testing  

Pricing & Product Development

  • Benefit design, network assessments, managed care program assessments & its value/ROI  
  • Rate development  
  • Experience analysis                  
  • Trend studies  
  • Underwriting & assessment of risk  
  • Reinsurance analysis & negotiation  

Why Choose CBIZ Actuarial Services?

CBIZ Actuarial Consulting Services features a team of highly capable specialists offering a unique pairing of national resources and personal service. Like other national advisors, we have access to powerful tools and resources to deliver industry-leading results. What sets us apart is our dedication to ensuring those powerful resources are always paired with high-touch, personal service comparable to that of a local firm.

Here, you’re never just a number. We are dedicated to helping your organization protect your bottom line while preserving your employees’ health and wellbeing through the use of cost-effective, innovative actuarial solutions.

David Rubadue

Senior Vice President, National Health Care Actuarial Services