Tune in to learn more about how the CBIZ HR Services team has learned to stay nimble and creative even in the most challenging times.

Hear why COVID-19 may lead to higher property tax bills forbusiness owners.

Mike Gallagher of our Risk Advisory and Mike Garguilo of our Property & Insurance team discuss risk management evolutions in the COVID-19 environment.

Tom Bonney of our consulting team puts together predictionsfor the economy, business trends, and what 2021 may bring.

Employee wellness programs shifted during the COVID-19environment and may look different for years to come.

The insurance market is seeing substantial insurance increases across the board. Greg Cryan of our Property & Casualty Insurance team and Ron Acebal of our tangible property valuation team share strategies for how businesses can manage rising rates.

In this episode, we focus on a fresh start - discussing the lessons learned in 2020 and looking towards accelerating recovery and returning to business in 2021.
While COVID-19 will remain an ongoing topic of discussion, this week’s episode is centered around Diversity and Inclusion. Steve explains the business case for prioritizing diversity, the actionable steps we can all take to further this initiative, and the positive effects of glamping during COVID-19.
You won’t want to miss her explain how important it is tohave a digital communication strategy, why industry jargon should be removedfrom our vocabulary and what it takes to engage a remote workforce with“rock-enroll.”
Tune in to hear how to navigate renewal season with no surprises, as well as what Polly’s crystal ball is saying about the effects of COVID-19 on this year’s renewals.