Qualified Transportation

Qualified Transportation

The IRS has just released an information letter affirming that qualified transportation amounts including salary reduction amounts cannot be cashed out.  As a reminder, qualified transportation is available for qualified parking ($280 for 2022), mass transit and van pooling ($280 for 2022).

A tax payer recently requested an explanation of whether unused amounts resulting from COVID-related changes in transportation needs could be cashed out.  The information letter affirms, that in fact, these amounts cannot be cashed out.  They can only be used for the permitted benefits.  These types of letters are informational only.  They do not hold the weight of law but they do indicate how the governing agency reviews these matters.

As a reminder, a qualified transportation plan can be designed to allow individuals to change their election frequently.  Said another way, individuals are not locked into a 12-month election as they are under a cafeteria plan.  Employers sponsoring qualified transportation programs may want to review their programs and make sure employees monitor their account balances and make modifications as appropriate. 

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