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Not-for-Profit and Higher Education

Helping you advance your mission-critical priorities by supporting your organizational business functions

Managing not-for-profit (NFP) and educational organizations has never been more challenging. While your mission remains your top priority and program demands continue to grow, so too has the business end of running your program. Governance, regulatory compliance, IRS filings and the wide range of reporting requirements remain essentially unchanged. Conversely, increased competition for revenue and rapid expansion of technology as an essential operational platform have reshaped the management model.

CBIZ Can Help

CBIZ works with more than 4,500 NFPs and educational entities nationwide. Our professionals bring uniquely broad-based solutions to your leadership and management teams to help you maintain regulatory compliance, achieve operational efficiencies, maximize data security, minimize risk and, importantly, implement action-oriented, goal-achieving strategies. That means support for financial reporting; budget analysis for cost control and planning; talent and compensation solutions to attract top leadership and faculty; and employee services to support employee retention and engage your workforce whether they’re in-office, remote or hybrid.

Financial Services — Helping you achieve your goals in a changed operational environment

As your sector grapples with rapid changes, CBIZ helps you deliver your value and achieve stakeholder goals. Learn more here about:

  • Advisory Services — A comprehensive suite of solutions to assist with business model and strategy
  • Accounting & Tax Outsourcing/Co-sourcing — Services to support your accounting team to free up your valuable resources, enabling you to focus more on your core services
  • Audit & Assurance* — Financial statement audits and numerous other assurance services
  • Form 990 Preparation & Exemption Application Assistance — Including assistance with obtaining and maintaining your tax-exempt status
  • Single Audits* — Audits compliant with the Uniform Grant Guidance (formerly OMB Circular A-133)
  • Fraud Risk Audit — A suite of services to assess and mitigate the risk of fraudulent financial behavior

Risk Solutions — Comprehensive risk management programs to mitigate your exposures

Our risk experts are well versed in 501(c)(3) cost containment and risk management strategies to help you stabilize budgeting and cash flow. We help you assess risk and customize all facets of your insurance program. Learn more about:

Employee Services — Providing strategies to attract, engage, retain and manage your staff

Attract, engage and retain your workforce and management

CBIZ designs and implements cost-effective strategies and programs for thousands of clients in this sector to attract employees and contribute to sustained operations for the long term. Learn more about our solutions:

The nonprofit industry faces several challenges in from labor shortages, cybersecurityand economic concerns. Learn tips to protect your nonprofit.

Baby boomers contribute 43% of all charitable donations in the U.S., and as this demographic ages, attracting younger donors to your not-for-profit organization is crucial to its long-term success.

Recent studies indicate that, among top talent, salary isn’t always the most important factor in a total rewards package. The following are elements that non-profits should consider incorporating into their offers to win the war for talent with for-profit businesses.