Service Contract and Davis-Bacon Act Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Service Contract and Davis-Bacon Act Compliance Audits

With the Department of Labor’s increased enforcement activity in reviewing prevailing wage benefit compliance on government contracts, it’s critical that contractors review their current practices and identify areas of risk in the case of a government audit.

CBIZ’s prevailing wage benefit experts can provide peace of mind by providing a full evaluation of your current Service Contract or Davis-Bacon benefit practices including:

  • Review of area Wage Determinations
  • Analysis of mandated hourly benefit costs against employee hours and actual employer cost
  • Analysis of paid time off practices vis a vis Service Contract Act regulations
  • Leave practices and how they impact your required fringe benefit costs

Our audit engagement will end with a letter to management detailing our findings and setting forth recommendations for any changes that should be implemented to avoid compliance issues, as well as possible best practices that should be considered in the future.