State and Local Tax Minimization Services

SALT Minimization

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In order to capitalize on the tax incentives and credits for which your company may qualify, you need a dynamic strategy that accounts for the ever-changing regulatory environment. We can help. CBIZ closely monitors current legislation to bring you solutions that minimize your state and local tax (SALT) burden.

As a national provider of tax, accounting and business solutions, we have worked with a range of jurisdictions to bring our clients tax refunds, rebates, credits and abatements. Our state and local tax (SALT) minimization specialists work with you to understand your current tax situation in order to create a solution package tailored to your needs. We consider a range of tax minimization solutions, from alternative entity structures to changing filing elections and reviewing your apportionments. CBIZ SALT minimization specialists also help your apply for any credits, refunds or rebates for which you may qualify.

With personalized, attentive service to our clients, we help uncover additional value in state and local tax regulations. Previous SALT minimization studies have produced refunds, rebates, tax credits, abatements and other tax reductions for our clients.  Reach out to your local CBIZ office and discover how you can reduce your tax burden not only in the current tax year, but also in the tax years to come.

Geoffrey J. Christian

Managing Director

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