Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Accuracy matters in financial reporting and tax planning.

Business Valuation

We provide you with the cultivated and objective judgment your business can rely on. We have experience with the array of asset types and business arrangements and the complex accounting and tax issues that may be present.


Your business needs accurate, supportable asset values to demonstrate compliance and plan appropriately.

Accuracy matters in financial reporting and tax planning; our team will provide you the assistance you need with these critical matters.

Financial Reporting

Alternative Investments & Derivatives:

For securities that are not publicly traded, receive assistance determining the fair market value.

Asset Impairment:

Access valuation support for ASC Topic 350, Intangibles and Goodwill, and ASC Topic 360, Impairment or Disposal of Long-Lived Assets requirements.

Equity Valuation, Stock Options & Warrants:

Receive assistance with the valuation of complex compensation arrangements, including stock compensation under ASC Topic 718.

Portfolio Reviews & Valuation:

Our experience with illiquid and hard-to-value assets assists you in understanding investments that have no “active market” quotations.

Purchase Price Allocations:

Prepare fair values, from a market participant perspective as required by ASC 805, for all intangible and tangible assets and liabilities associated with the transaction.

Tax-Related Valuation

Equity Compensation (IRC 409A):

Providing companies with support for stock compensation, including the opinions you can rely on to meet your Section 409A requirements.

Gift & Estate:

We have experience with a full range of asset types, including real property, personal property and the valuation of family business interests supports gift and estate planning.

Transfer Pricing & Intellectual Property:

We understand the complexities in the valuation of intangible property and other intangible assets to help you meet your arm's length standard for transactions between related entities.

On March 27, 2023, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No. 2023-01, Leases (Topic 842), Common Control Arrangements, (the Update) that introduces changes to lease accounting under common control arrangements. 

Let's explore practical strategies for improving business forecasting for 2023 and beyond.

Any M&A activity must be accounted for as the new year approaches. We touch on new regulations and highlight key tips to ensure you pass any legal hurdles.

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