Cost Recovery Services

Cost Recovery Services

Cost Recovery

Contingency-based solutions to help you meet your profitability goals.

Cost Recovery Services

In an ideal world, your company's dollars go directly to the services and areas you want them to. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and most companies do not have the resources to continually assess and maintain the areas where money is not being spent correctly. As a national financial services provider, we have the depth and breadth of expertise to assist.



Cost Recovery Solutions

We assist your company with reducing expenses and waste, identifying overcharges and recovering your profits to add immediate, real dollars to your bottom line.

Accounts Payable Recovery Audits

  • Identify and recover overpayments to vendors and suppliers that may have resulted from transaction, regulatory or contractual errors.

Telecommunications Cost Recovery

  • Pinpoint wrong rates applied, double billing, hidden fees and other extraneous services fees that have been overlooked in your monthly telecommunications invoices.

Common Area Maintenance/Lease Audit Recovery Services

  • Overcharges may be behind your annual increases in common area maintenance charges. Our experts examine your charges and your lease language to ensure charges are accurate.

Construction Cost Review & Consulting Services

Software License Management

  • Monitor and track compliance with your software license agreements. Use our team to assess whether you are under- or over- licensing.

Small Parcel Freight Audits

  • Undergo a detailed review of carrier invoices to identify overcharges and potential opportunities for savings. We also provide recommendations for your organization’s parcel shipping cycle to help control costs.

Contract Compliance Audits

  • Perform a review of your contracts to identify potential compliance risks or cost coverages.

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