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Intellectual Property Consulting

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Today’s businesses succeed through development and leverage of their proprietary intellectual properties (IP) and intangible assets. For most, the value of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, brands, internet assets and technology assets outweigh the value and contribution of their tangible assets.
To grow profitably, your business needs to identify and leverage these key assets. Analysis, valuation and evaluation of IP and intangible assets are key tools in executing strategic plans, setting an optimal price, growing sales and profits, resolving litigation, allocating precious resources, restructuring and increasing your business’ value.
CBIZ has the valuation, finance, economic, accounting and litigation consulting expertise you can rely on to optimize your situation. With our intellectual property consulting specialists, you have access to IP-focused valuation, advisory and expert testimony solutions. Valuation and strategic consulting project descriptions can be provided upon request.


IP Valuation:

Your intangible assets are likely the most valuable assets at your business. They can be used as collateral, attract new investors and open opportunities to achieve additional profits. An IP valuation often uncovers cost savings as well as new business and growth opportunities. Obtain accurate and reliable valuations of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets for business strategy, litigation, restructuring, estate & tax, licensing and transaction due diligence.

Brand Valuation:

Obtain data-driven, reliable valuations of brand assets, websites, technology assets, social media initiatives and celebrity endorsements to support strategic decisions, acquisitions, taxation issues and litigation.

IP Portfolio Review:

An IP portfolio review will identify the key assets driving your financial performance, providing a clear understanding of which product and service offerings are leveraging your IP and which are underutilized. The results can identify new pricing strategies, license opportunities and monetization strategies.

License, Franchise and Partnership Opportunity Evaluation:

Many IP assets can generate additional profits through licensing. Licensing can also reduce your development costs and time to market. However, successful IP licensing requires due diligence, partner evaluation and comparative analysis of licensing alternatives. Our team has the analytical tools and resources to benchmark and compare licensing alternatives and provide actionable valuations of your licensing opportunities.

Price and Revenue Model Strategy:

Your IP assets should allow you to set prices. Your business can leverage proprietary assets to increase revenues, retain customers and reduce costs. Connecting IP to financial performance enables businesses to enhance profitability through a pricing strategy evaluation. We’ll evaluate, compare and develop pricing strategies and revenue models to drive revenue and profit growth for your business.

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The CBIZ Intellectual Property Valuation team has the credentials, connections and resources to provide insightful IP valuation advice that enables actionable and effective business strategies. To discuss using intellectual property valuation tools for strategic decisions and dispute resolution, please contact: Brian Buss

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