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Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence

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Discover the pinnacle of analytics services designed for mid-market leaders. At CBIZ D@taNEXUS™, we transform your data into a strategic asset, empowering you to make decisive actions and drive exceptional performance.



Where data becomes your strategic asset for decisive action and peak performance.

Take your business to new heights with CBIZ D@taNEXUS™ your comprehensive solution for analytics excellence tailored to mid-market frontrunners. Our services not only convert your data into a decisive strategic tool but also ensure you're equipped for action, driving your performance to the next level. As dedicated partners in your expansion, we don’t just stop at providing insights; our offerings extend to specialized services designed to meet your unique needs:

Data Advisory

Empower Your Decisions with Tailored Insights

    • Workflow Automation: Streamline business processes to increase efficiency, drive productivity, and reduce risk.
    • Fraud Analytics: Conduct ad hoc analyses or implement automated fraud detection and cost recovery.
    • Data Transformation: Decode large volumes of data from multiple sources to uncover key insights, operational risks, and performance issues.
    • Data Governance: Gain strategic control of your data while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and security best practices.

Data Solutions

Accelerate Sector Success with Our Industry-Aligned Data Solutions

    • High Volume Data Analysis: Utilize commercial-grade data analytics tools, including Alteryx, to process, analyze, and interpret vast datasets, revealing actionable insights.
    • Data Visualizations: Harness enterprise data insights platforms like Tableau, Power BI, and Snowflake for impactful data visualizations.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML): Employ cutting-edge AI and ML technologies to access previously unreachable insights and automate processes.

Hosted Business Insights

Elevate Strategy with Hosting Business Insights: Your Growth Catalyst

    • Automated Integration & Structuring: Aggregate, cleanse, and structure financial and operational data from more than 150 siloed, disparate sources.
    • Data Visualization: Create and implement industry-specific dashboards to bring your data to life.
    • On-demand FP&A Support: Access ad hoc financial planning and analysis services to support operational, management, and board-level reporting initiatives.
    • M&A Support: Aggregate and analyze financial data to assist with buy-side and sell-side due diligence engagements.
With CBIZ D@taNEXUS™ Embrace the advantage of informed decision-making, guided by our expertise to navigate the data intricacies of your unique business landscape with confidence.

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