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Your Servicer Report and/or Borrowing Base Report serve a critical role in the securitization of your assets. CBIZ offers a suite of analysis services to ensure the methodology you use to prepare your reports is effective or if adjustments should be made to improve your process.

To assist your preparation of the report, our professionals will help you validate source information. We then examine how that information is used relative to the Servicing and Borrowing Agreements. Our professionals can also recalculate triggers and events that could cause a termination event. 

Understanding loan performance is key to how you manage it. We will review your methodology for the placement of assumptions used to calculate excess servicing gains on loans. Then, we can forecast expected performance of a loan portfolio by examining the historical performance of loans that are similarly originated. Through a review of the factors related to gain-on-sale calculation, you can ascertain that your loan is reasonable and meets industry standards through a review of the factors related to the gain-on-sale calculation. Certain factors may negatively impact the performance of various securitization pools. We’ll help you identify what those factors may be and how your assets could be affected.

We can assist you with the due diligence of a variety of asset portfolios from automobile loans to home equity loans, structure settlements, timeshares and trade receivables. Our professionals draw on their experience working with the gamut of asset types to provide you the sound, individualized recommendations you can need for your decision-making.

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