CBIZ Social Media Community Guidelines

CBIZ Social Media Community Guidelines

CBIZ is thrilled to have you as part of our online community. To ensure a positive and respectful experience for all users, we’ve established the following community guidelines. By participating in our social media channels, you agree to abide by these guidelines:

Be Respectful: Treat all community members with kindness, courtesy, and respect. Refrain from offensive or explicit language, personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination of any kind based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic.

Stay on Topic: Keep all discussions relevant to the content of the post. Off-topic comments are subject to removal to maintain the focus of the conversation and theme of the page.

No Spam or Promotions: Refrain from posting promotional content unrelated to the discussion. This includes advertising, solicitation, or spamming links to external websites or products.

Respect Privacy: Refrain from sharing personal information about yourself or others, including contact details, addresses, or financial information. Respect the privacy of others in this community and do not share private conversations without consent.

Be Authentic: Represent yourself truthfully and honestly, always. Do not impersonate others or create fake accounts. Misleading or deceptive content will be removed.

Mindful Language: Use appropriate language in your comments. Refrain from profanity, vulgarity, or any language that would be considered offensive, explicit or inappropriate. All inappropriate language will be removed.

Constructive Criticism: We welcome constructive feedback, but we ask that you express if in a respectful and constructive manner. Refrain from hostile or inflammatory language when expressing disagreements.

Intellectual Property: Respect copyright and intellectual property rights. Do not post content that you do not have the right to share, including images, videos, texts, or emails belonging to others. Any such content posted that violates this will be removed.

Compliance with Laws: Ensure that your comments comply with applicable laws and regulations. Do not engage in illegal activities or promote illegal behavior.

User Responsibility: Comments and opinions posted by users are the person’s thoughts, not CBIZ’s. CBIZ does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, and it does not represent the views of CBIZ.

Moderating: Our social media channels are moderated to ensure compliance with these guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any content or comments that violate these guidelines or are otherwise deemed inappropriate, without prior notice.

Report Violations: If you encounter any content or behavior that violates these guidelines, please report it to the page administrators by sending the page a direct message.

Failure to comply with these social media community guidelines may result in the removal of your comments or posts, and repeated violations may lead to being blocked or banned from our social media channels.

We do not claim ownership of your content that you post, but by posting on one or more of our social media channels, we can use those posts in media, websites, social media pages, and our business. Please do not submit content that is confidential or for which you expect to receive compensation.

Thank you for being a valued member of our online community. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a positive and welcoming environment for all users. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please reach out to us.

- CBIZ Social Media Team