Total Compensation Offers

CBIZ Total Compensation Offers

Construction Industry

Are you struggling to recruit top talent?

Do candidates fail to understand the value of your benefits and perks?

Do you spend valuable time and resources courting prospects only to have them reject your offer on base salary alone?

If you are struggling to recruit in this tight labor market, CBIZ Total Compensation Offers (TCOffers) might be exactly what your organization needs to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our web tool helps organizations win the war for top talent in a tight labor market by effectively communicating the complete value of your benefits to candidates.

In addition to enabling you to get maximum recruiting value out of benefits and marketing dollars spent, our product has additional features that clients find useful, including:

  • ATS Data Extraction
  • Custom Branding Options
  • Visualization of Benefits
  • Candidate Modeling
  • Candidate Job Comparison Worksheet
  • Flexibility to incorporate dynamic elements, such as:
    • Videos
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Social Media

Differentiate yourself from the competition with CBIZ Total Compensation Offers.

David Huffaker

Vice President of Personalized Communications

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