Executive & Director Compensation Analyses

Executive & Director Compensation Analyses


An executive’s success is critical to an organization’s performance, and that is why well-designed executive compensation programs are critical to attracting, retaining and rewarding top executive talent. With the weight of that responsibility in mind, management teams and boards of directors must design and implement plans that motivate the best executives in the market.

CBIZ Talent & Compensation Solutions knows every organization’s approach to developing executive compensation plans is unique. Fortunately, our personal service guarantees your company’s program will fit your exact needs. Additionally, our national resources give our consultants access to the best data and most up-to-date regulations available so your program will compete for top talent while staying regulatory compliant.

Our Services

Our executive compensation consultants have decades of experience as consultants and human resources professionals, so they understand both sides of the program development and implementation equation.

We provide the following executive compensation consulting services:

  • Compensation philosophy, strategy and guiding principles
  • Peer group selection and competitive market analysis
  • Short- and long-term incentive plan design, both cash and equity-based
  • Performance measurement selection and calibration
  • Executive benefits and perquisites, including non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements 
  • Plan documentation and disclosure requirements
  • Employment contracts, severance agreements and change-in-control arrangements
  • "Special situation" programs, including retention plans and carried interest plans, etc.
  • Board of director compensation market analysis and design