Sales Incentive Compensation

Sales Incentive Compensation

Most companies depend on sales to drive company growth. Business objectives and sales strategies frequently change in today’s fast-paced business environment. As a result, 60% of companies make changes to their sales plan each year. Despite the importance of sales compensation’s effect on performance:


CBIZ provides cost-effective sales incentive compensation solutions. Our consultants provide a proven plan design process to ensure your company produces a compensation plan that attracts, retains and motivates your top sales talent.

Our Services include:

  • Assessment
    • Clarify business strategy and salesperson role
    • Evaluate plan strengths and weaknesses
    • Evaluate competitive positioning and historic performance
  • Design
    • Design plan elements to support sales roles and business objectives
    • Model potential financial outcomes
    • Conduct stakeholder review and gain buy-in
  • Implement
    • Create a communication plan and timeline
    • Develop roll-out talking points and communication materials
    • Prepare managers