Base Compensation Program Development

Base Pay Program Development | CBIZ Compensation Consulting

Market-based compensation is a cornerstone best practice for reducing high turnover, low morale, and inconsistent performance. At CBIZ Compensation Consulting, we help clients develop and implement a customized base pay structure that aligns with their:

  • Talent acquisition strategies to attract, recruit and secure top candidates
  • Total rewards programs that support retention of high-performing talent
  • Long-term strategic plans and initiatives
  • Organization’s compensation philosophies
  • Budgeting and business goals
  • Industry-competitive challenges

Designing the right base pay program ensures pay levels for jobs are externally competitive, internally equitable, and establish a rational basis for future pay decisions.

A Customized Approach to Designing Base Pay Programs

Our combination of industry expertise, data resources, and customized solutions helps you build the best compensation frameworks, make more informed pay decisions, and execute an effective compensation strategy that drives organizational success.

We specialize in all areas of base pay program development. Compensation detailing may involve execution of the following activities depending upon the requirements of the organization:

  • Creating a strong compensation philosophy
  • Performing job evaluations
  • Conducting external market analysis (published &/or private survey data)
  • Developing salary structure(s)
  • Calculating financial impact
  • Crafting an implementation plan
  • Providing annual structure update support

Why CBIZ Compensation Consulting?

  • Personalized Service Backed by National Resources

Our firm subscribes to the same data resources and uses identical methodologies as large compensation consulting firms. However, our low-overhead structure allows us to provide services at more competitive prices than big firms. Additionally, we have more resources than most boutique firms, which enables us to effectively conduct high-quality compensation analyses in a timely and effective manner.

  • A Passion for Helping Our Clients Achieve Organizational Success

Our compensation consultants look beyond external market data and provide expert advice based on your company’s specific needs. We help you develop compensation plans and total rewards programs that meet and exceed evolving business demands and employee expectations. Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning your compensation strategy, our team is eager to help. Connect with one of our compensation experts today to start making better pay decisions for tomorrow.

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