CBIZ Compensation Consulting Services

Compensation Consulting Services

Smart employers know that compensation is a critical part of attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent within an organization. Companies that prioritize structuring and implementing comprehensive compensation and total rewards programs have better revenue growth, lower turnover, and increased profitability than companies that do not.

Compensation Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

CBIZ Compensation Consulting, a division of CBIZ Talent & Compensation Solutions, provides national-caliber expertise combined with highly personalized service delivered at the local level. Our compensation experts offer a range of consulting services for organizations looking to refine their compensation strategies and acquire superior talent.

  • Base Compensation Program Development: Our compensation experts assist in the design and implementation of a comprehensive compensation structure that aligns with your goals, talent strategy, and business performance.
  • Executive & Board of Director Compensation: The framework to build a fair and balanced compensation strategy in order to meet and exceed the expectations of the best executives and board members in the market.
  • Litigation Support: Marital dissolution cases involving closely-held companies tend to involve discussions regarding compensation, especially when one or both parties are employed by the company. 
  • Sales Incentive Compensation: Our consultants provide a proven plan design process to ensure your company produces a compensation plan that attracts, retains, and motivates your top sales talent.
  • Total Compensation Offers: Our web tool helps organizations win the war for top talent in a tight labor market by effectively communicating the complete value of your benefits to candidates.

Industries & Practice Areas for Our Compensation Consulting

Work with a compensation consultant who knows your industry. As a partner, you have access to a dedicated team of professionals specialized in compensation strategy and plan development across a variety of industries and sectors throughout the United States.

  • Public Sector: Experience working with small municipalities to large state governments and all categories in between—including public pension funds, public utilities, and public-private partnerships.
  • Private Company: Expertise in helping privately held companies design an effective compensation strategy that meets and exceeds the expectations of the best executives in the market.
  • Nonprofit: Knowledge of the nuances and requirements of compensation programs at not-for-profit organizations, specializing in executive compensation planning.
  • Higher Education: Assist colleges and universities with conducting compensation evaluations and establishing appropriate and effective compensation levels for top institutional leaders.

At CBIZ Compensation Consulting, we understand the unique challenges involved with designing, executing, and communicating employee and executive compensation plans. Our team will work with you to develop and implement effective compensation and total reward programs that help drive business results and organizational success.

If compensation plan design has become too complex, or you need expert advice to make more informed pay decisions, our consultants can help. Download our service overview or request a free 30-minute consultation to learn how CBIZ can help your business stay competitive in today’s labor market.

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