Risk Control

Risk Control


Helping Reduce Losses to Improve Your Bottom Line


CBIZ Insurance risk control professionals will work with you to evaluate and provide solutions. Our loss control consulting services ensure your business continues to grow and prosper. We assist clients by minimizing their “Total Cost of Risk.”

Total Cost of Risk

Total Cost of Risk is the calculation used to measure the overall cost of your company’s risk management program. While some leaders traditional only factor their financing costs (premiums), we encourage you to also consider your related costs (direct, indirect, administrative, taxes) to arrive at the real total.


A proactive loss control and prevention can lead to a reduction in your insurance costs. It is the most effective way to contain your premiums. Risk control means the minimization of the cost of risk and includes the cost of accidents/injuries and loss of productivity. 


Loss Control Services:

  • Business Continuity/Disaster Planning
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Employee/Workplace Safety
  • General Liability Evaluations
  • Product Safety
  • Property Analysis(including compliance)
  • Quality Control/Assurance Program Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment & Loss Control Audits
  • Safety Program Development
  • Security Evaluations
  • Vehicle/Fleet Safety​

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