Risk Control

Risk Control

Most companies are thrilled at the possibility of reducing losses. A risk (loss) control program from CBIZ helps you do just that. We partner with your risk management and safety team to proactively manage and prevent losses. Using safety and risk control strategies, we help you identify exposures, evaluate loss control programs and identify gaps to reduce insurance costs and improve your bottom line. 

Our risk management professionals evaluate your total cost of risk. Direct and indirect loss costs, taxes, risk financing or insurance premiums, and even administrative expenses are all considered to understand your true costs. We review your operations and evaluate your safety and protection methods to design a tailored risk control program that ultimately decreases claims or reduces the severity of a loss.

Loss Control Services:

  • Business continuity/disaster planning
  • Custom training programs
  • Employee/workplace safety
  • General Liability evaluations
  • Product safety
  • Property analysis, including compliance
  • Quality control/assurance program evaluation
  • Risk assessment and loss control audits
  • Safety program development
  • Security evaluations
  • Vehicle/fleet safety

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