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Risk Management Strategy

Risk Management Solutions to Mitigate Losses & Enhance Financial Performance

At CBIZ Insurance Services, our approach to risk management is centered on proactive measures. Our goal is to partner with you to develop a comprehensive plan that enhances risk management practices, reduces long-term risk financing costs and secures the broadest coverage possible. Implementing an effective strategy greatly diminished both the level of your risk and the magnitude of its impact.

What sets us apart is our unparalleled ability to deliver comprehensive risk consulting expertise to the clients we serve. We adopt a holistic approach, integrating both conventional and emerging risk management needs with human capital management and financial performance, thereby setting us apart from others in the industry. 



Our process begins by collaborating with you to gain an understanding of the financial, operational, regulatory and managerial risks most likely to impact your organization enterprise-wide. Specifically, we review your risk management goals/objectives, operations, insurance coverage, pricing and risk management practices to identify and analyze your business’ exposures.


Once we have gathered your information, it’s analyzed to identify loss trends, determine overall costs of risk and assess potential impacts. Additionally, we determine your risk tolerance level to help guide risk transfer, mitigation and management solutions. The quantifiable findings are compiled into a comprehensive report that outlines our recommended risk solutions which is subsequently provided to you in a detailed report.


We develop a custom service plan that outlines key action steps, accountable parties and a corresponding timeline for all activities. Acting as your broker, we negotiate with insurance companies to secure you comprehensive coverage with the most competitive rates, terms and conditions available in the marketplace. We implement risk management measures and oversee your claims to ensure prompt and fair settlement. We will maintain regular communication with you to provide ongoing review and guidance.

Monitor 24 /7

Measuring the effectiveness of implementing and adjusting your plan to maximize outcomes is a crucial step. Our risk consultants monitor industry trends and communicate any changes that could impact your coverage needs. They inform you about new products that provide additional or improved protection options.

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