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With close student contact and often a lack of proper hygiene practices, schools are ideal breeding grounds for the pread of illness and disease. 
Most school districts and individual schools have emergency management plans in place. 
New forms of virtual communication give bullies new means for ridicule, harassment and belittlement. 
A natural disaster or security risk could happen at your school any day. It is imperative that you have a plan to handle these potential risks, both to ensure the safety of your students and staff and to avoid a financial crisis that could shut down your school.
Each year, emergencies take their toll on businesses of all types — in both lives and dollars.
Due to several major events during the past few years and a rise in natural disasters, all commercial insurance lines are experiencing rate increases, in return affecting many organizations’ bottom lines.

The experience and knowledge of your insurance broker is your most valuable resource for all aspects of the insurance underwriting process. A qualified broker can help you analyze your business, provide the guidance and insight needed to be ready for stricter underwriter scrutiny, and put you in a positive position for your insurance submission.

With ransomware attacks on the rise, the role of insurance is becoming more robust. And, although ransomware coverage has been traditionally sublimited within cyber policies, standalone cyber policies that cover ransomware are becoming more necessary.

Are you protected from potential network and privacy exposures? Any business that uses technology to collect confidential customer information needs to know the facts – and risks – associated with data breach liability and not having proper Network Security, Privacy and Cyber Protection.

Ransomware attacks in the U.S. have more than doubled year-over-year. As one of the fastest growing cybersecurity issues, it’s critical for organizations to act to prevent such attacks from impacting their operations.

Businesses of all sizes have become targets of ransomware as it can infect not only personal computers but also entire networks and servers.

When you think about what usually causes a business interruption, natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes and floods probably come to mind first.

Across all industries, organizations have become increasingly reliant on workplace technology to conduct key business operations.

For proper employer and employee protection, workers’ compensation coverage should be written by an agent or broker that is highly knowledgeable.

Cyberattacks, ranging from phishing and ransomware to denial-of-service attacks and cloud-service interruptions, continue to increase in both frequency and sophistication. Cyberattacks ramped up even more when COVID-19 forced businesses to shift to remote work, with information on the pandemic used as a hook.

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