Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

You can limit the financial, legal and reputational damage from cyber-crime with cyber insurance. This insurance addresses two basic risks: first, the liability risk to your business if sensitive client or employee information is compromised, and second, the risk (and substantial cost) of notifying clients that their private information has been compromised.

Key Coverage includes:

  • Business interruption & dependent business interruption
  • Cyber extortion
  • Electronic cyber terrorism
  • Media content
  • Privacy breach
  • Vicarious liability
  • Worldwide

No exclusions for:

  • Social and non-electronic media
  • Violations of any rights to privacy
  • Unsolicited communication
  • Unencrypted portable media1

Additional Features:

  • Voluntary notification costs, even if insured has no legal obligation to notify (subject to carrier approval)
  • $100,000 sub limit for PCI DSS assessments    
  • $100,000 Cyber fraud (social engineering) sub limit available for those who meet the minimum underwriting criteria (two coverage related questions


  • Competitive pricing and superior coverage
  • 24‐hour data breach hotline to report cyber crime incidents
  • Carrier partner portal and CBIZ operations experience enables quick turnaround on quoting and issuance
  • E‐Risk hub risk management tools for help with recovery
  • PCI assessment to determine credit card acceptance vulnerabilities
  • Our own cyber risk and insurance experts with experience writing cyber coverage

Don’t wait! Request a quote today for affordable protection from loss or theft of your private customer information.

1 This does not apply for the following classes of business: Healthcare, Legal‐Consumer and Financial Institutions

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