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A Holistic Approach to Managing Your Organization’s Property & Casualty Insurance Risk

Risk management isn’t a single-sided equation. Protecting your business and personal assets requires multi-faceted solutions provided by a broker with strong coverage options, a trusted reputation and deep industry expertise.

That’s why CBIZ Insurance Services partners with you to go beyond the obvious risks and identify the exposures with the greatest impact on your bottom line. We take the time to understand your needs and provide the guidance and insight required to obtain the most favorable insurance coverage, pricing and terms.  


Property & Casualty Insurance Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

We offer coverage from the best carriers in the industry, which means better options, value and prices for you. We take the time to build strong client relationships that allow us to recommend and design creative plans to transfer or lessen your risk:

Commercial Insurance

Comprehensive property & casualty solutions to protect your business from financial losses and exposures.


Personal Insurance

Coverage that safeguards your lifestyle and possessions (e.g., home, auto).


Program/Specialty Insurance

Policies designed to safeguard your specialty business include:

Vacation Rental InsuranceComprehensive insurance protection designed for short-term rental properties.

Innkeepers Insurance: Tailored coverage to specifically address the potential liabilities of operating an Inn or Bed & Breakfast (B&B).

Adventure Sports Insurance: Full-service liability insurance for your adventure sports businesses.

Intercollegiate Sports Insurance: Solutions to meet the needs of collegiate athletic insurance programs.

Railroad Insurance: Comprehensive coverage solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of railroad entities and the affiliated companies operating within the industry.

Risk Control

A systematic approach to assess and mitigate potential losses, taking proactive measures to minimize  or eliminate exposures.


Executive Risk Insurance

Protection for key individuals and organizations from the risks of serving executive positions.


Claims Management

We provide advocacy and support services to assist you in navigating the claims process.


Alternative Risk

A risk financing structure designed for the purpose of self-insurance.


Industries Served by Our Innovative Property & Casualty Insurance Experts

Our advisers are industry specialists who offer broad experience in tailoring solutions to address the specific risks associated with your organization.

Commercial Real Estate

We offer expertise in supporting owners, property managers, investors and developers to effectively minimize risk, maximize opportunities and efficiently manage costs. 


Health Care

Our experts are proficient in risk identification and management strategies specific to health care settings such as hospitals, physician and practice groups, senior care facilities. 
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Public Sector

We proactively assess and effectively address potential risks for urban areas, local government entities, educational institutions and public transportation authorities, allowing them to focus on their mission of serving the public. 


Additional Industries

See our full list of Industry Practices.