Why Companies Chose to Merge with CBIZ Property & Casualty

Why Other Companies Chose to Merge with CBIZ Property & Casualty

There are variety of reasons other agency owners have elected to merge with CBIZ. Discover for yourselves why leaders have chosen to bring their agency into the CBIZ family:

Culture was our primary factor when deciding who to sell to and we agreed the CBIZ culture was the best fit for us. We were able to maintain management for a reasonable period of time to ensure our staff would be respected and could make the jump from a smaller insurance agency to a larger national broker. This also allowed our clients to become accustomed to our name change and realize we value those relationships and are still here to their benefit.

- Jim Sattler, CBIZ Sattler
Acquired 2014

Only CBIZ offered us a straightforward path to gain access to the resources of a national firm while allowing our local staff to become part of the post-acquisition combined entity. We now have added capabilities that are not just window dressing, but substantial and measurable. Accordingly, we had phenomenal growth over the last three years, did not lose any employees in the transition, and did not lose a single customer because of our new corporate identity.

- Lee Nestel, CBIZ Centric
Acquired 2014

We had reached our potential until our CBIZ partnership provided the support and the products to bring us to a level that we would have never reached on our own. As CBIZ AIA, we have written accounts that were previously just out of our reach.

- Jeff Mass, CBIZ AIA
Acquired 2013

We do not feel like we “Sold Out” to a large professional service organization – rather we feel like we “joined in!” CBIZ has successfully exceeded all our expectations… but most importantly, our success in joining CBIZ has been achieved in how we are now better able to serve our valued clients.

- Greg Cryan, CBIZ Meridian
Acquired 2012