Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty

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How can I achieve greater economies of scale?

Partnering with us can take you further. Do you need capital to make a strategic acquisition, expand in a new area, continue to grow or hire more producers? We can help you develop a larger tool box and achieve the benefits of scale. 

How can I best grow my business in new areas if I don’t possess the expertise?

Our team of industry experts can assist you in expanding into new areas. We’ll bring the right people to the table to help you close the business.

How can I reduce administrative burdens?

Our national reach means you can rely on our back office to reduce your administrative workload, freeing you up to concentrate on new business.

How can I move up-market and retain more clients while maintaining service standards?

Joining CBIZ gives you access to the best carriers in the business, providing better options, value and pricing for clients while delivering high quality services.

How can I monetize my success, yet retain a sense of autonomy?

The entrepreneurial drive you have and the culture you've built have made your business successful. Why change it? Together, we can expand and replicate it, while you stay involved.

Explore our website and the many opportunities that come with joining CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc. We know exactly how to help you monetize the value of your agency investment and how to help you grow its value over time.

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