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Engagement & Wellbeing Consulting | CBIZ Employee Benefits

Perhaps more than ever, employers are challenged with rising costs and risks while also facing an increasingly competitive landscape for attracting and retaining talent. One of the most impactful ways employers can reduce health care costs and the cost of presenteeism while also increasing productivity and performance, employee satisfaction, and culture is to invest in employee health and wellbeing. That’s why we’ve created one of the most comprehensive and innovative wellbeing consulting practices in the market.

Why Focus on Wellbeing?

Research clearly illustrates a strong link between employee wellbeing and increased employee engagement and performance, lowered health care costs, improved staff morale and more. As such, employers who take a strategic approach to employee wellbeing can expect a return on their investment. Conversely, poor workplace wellbeing comes at a price. 

Here are just some of the costs associated with a lack of employee wellbeing:


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What Sets CBIZ Engagement & Wellbeing Consulting Apart?

CBIZ Engagement & Wellbeing Consulting guides employers in creating a thriving workplace culture characterized by high employee wellbeing and engagement and low risk. We take the time to understand the culture and climate of an organization, then co-design a multi-year wellbeing and engagement strategy. The bottom line for your business is enhanced productivity and performance.


Meet Evolving Employee Expectations with A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

Today’s employees expect more from their work and more from their employer. Beyond compensation and job security, they are looking for a role that enables them to do what they do best at a company with a great brand reputation, while also maintaining a work-life balance and better personal wellbeing.

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Our experts work with clients to advance their population health management initiatives and see tangible results. 

Our strategies are rooted in the six foundational components of an effective health risk management and wellbeing strategy: organizational commitment, sustainable culture, communication and engagement methods, actionable data, wellbeing programs, benefits and networks, and outcomes and value of investment. 


What We Do

Through our experience working with thousands of generationally and geographically diverse employee groups, we’ve found organizations that make a commitment to positively impact employee wellbeing and engagement can thrive in a highly competitive work environment and have a greater ability to retain their workforce.

We’ll co-create a wellbeing and engagement plan that addresses the five key drivers of wellbeing and supports your business goals, your culture and your environment to help you align employers and payers, providers and consumers with a value-based payment system that raises accountability for quality and cost of care. In addition, we’ll help you be proactive through the implementation of population health management strategies, which will allow you to foster improved outcomes down the line.

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We will also assess needs, risk and priorities using behavioral economics, communications and technology to drive engagement and a long-term commitment to sustain healthier behaviors through education and personal empowerment.

We can help you engage and empower wellbeing by:

  • Aggregating employee data into a single actionably strategy aimed at optimizing wellbeing  
  • Utilizing data analytics to identify condition-specific program enhancements 
  • Encouraging positive changes through monthly wellbeing communications, including Wellbeing Insights eMagazine & Self-Care Calendar
  • Recommending and collaborating with vendor partners to evaluate & improve clinical and financial outcomes.
  • Guiding modifications in work environment to help employees sustain healthy lifestyles 
  • Assisting with implementation to educate and empower employees 
  • Empowering managers to re-humanize the workplace and help employees grow 


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Click here to check out our most recent monthly issue of Wellbeing Insights, which offers practical tips to invoke positivity in the workplace each day.

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