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How Can Your Organization Effectively Share Crucial Information in a Tech-Savvy Workplace?

If you’re having trouble keeping up, you’re not alone. Human resource and benefits professionals are continually challenged to do more with less while dealing with the demands of a workforce that’s more generationally diverse and tech savvy than ever before.

With approximately 2.5 Human Resources professionals for every 100 full-time employees, it’s more important than ever to maximize efficiency without sacrificing service quality. That’s why we offer comprehensive, cutting-edge benefits administration solutions — to streamline HR professionals’ ability to efficiently and effectively address employees’ benefits needs.

What is Benefits Administration?

Benefits administration encompasses the processes of determining and managing the benefits your organization offers to your employees. Typically handled by HR departments, benefits administration can be a complex and time-consuming challenge and may involve a variety of tasks including:

  • Critically evaluating your current benefits program to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Communicating with benefits suppliers and other vendors
  • Providing benefits education and enrollment assistance to employees
  • Reviewing and updating employees’ benefits information

The Importance of Integrated Benefits Technology in Benefits Administration

At CBIZ, we believe technology, when done well, can transform how employees think about benefits. This, in turn, can make the application and modification of plans easier, helping employees understand a benefits package beyond the cost of their monthly premium.

To be truly effective, technology must smoothly integrate with existing processes, be cost-effective and easy to use. At CBIZ, we continue to make significant investments in industry-leading customer service relationship management tools, HIPPA-compliant communications and a range of internal and external educational software to minimize disruption to our clients’ operations during technology implementation and optimization processes.

What Sets CBIZ Benefits Administration & Technology Apart?

Unmatched Expertise

Designed to work as an extension of your department, our integrated service teams and technology solutions provide ongoing guidance. This combination of highly personalized, local service and national expertise ensures your organization receives best-in-class customer service supported by unmatched expertise when it comes to projects like benefit plan audits, compliance reviews and much more.

Scalable Services

CBIZ services also offer the ability to scale our team and its efforts to provide project management skills and processes to assist with implementation. You can further enhance these services with our integrated HRIS technology and payroll services that allow you to automate many of your benefits administration processes.

Access to Best-in-Class Vendors

We’re also continually cultivating relationships with dozens of third-party vendors to better serve our clients. Working as your consulting partner, we can help you identify opportunities for improvement and present you with high-value solutions.

Benefits Administration Made Easy

The right benefits administration solutions and technology can enhance your organization’s ability to provide employees with an exceptional benefits experience — and that can have a significant impact on retention, satisfaction and your bottom line.