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ACA Employer Reporting & Consulting Practice | CBIZ Employee Benefits

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a comprehensive health care reform law that was enacted in March 2010. This law aims to enhance the accessibility of affordable health insurance, expand Medicaid coverage and enable innovative health care delivery to aid in the reduction of health care costs overall. The Affordable Care Act's employer shared responsibility provisions require applicable large employers to offer insurance to full-time employees that meets ACA specifications. Otherwise, fines may be imposed.

What is an Applicable Large Employer (ALE)?

An applicable large employer refers to any organization employing 50 or more full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week, or "full-time equivalents" (FTEs).


Why Work With an ACA Compliance Consultant?

Navigating the ever-evolving maze of regulations and requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be an overwhelming challenge for any employer. CBIZ’s ACA Employer Reporting and ACA Compliance Consulting Practice is dedicated to ensuring employers who are required to report to their employees and to the IRS are doing so accurately and correctly to eliminate and/or minimize the risk of an Employer Shared Responsibility Penalty (ESRP).

In addition, employers who have been charged with an ESRP can rely on CBIZ’s subject matter expertise to assist with the resolution of proposed or assessed penalties, as we have done for employers since the IRS began issuing ESRPs in 2017. Since that time, CBIZ has assisted employers in rescission of over $900 million in Employer Shared Responsibility Penalties, as well as back-year reporting for employers who may have been required to report but failed to do so for past reporting years.

About CBIZ ACA CheckPoint

CBIZ ACA CheckPoint is a proprietary, web-based employee measurement, tracking, documentation and reporting solution to aid employers in navigating the complexities of ACA employer reporting. CheckPoint helps you determine whether your organization is considered an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) or an Aggregated Group of ALEs, if you are required to report to employees and the IRS, and what type of form you must provide to employees and the IRS.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that can determine employee full-time status (as defined by the ACA) and track employees through measurement, administrative and stability periods, or one that offers coverage and production of 1094/1095-B and 1094/1095-C forms, CBIZ ACA CheckPoint can help you minimize tax liability, avoid potential penalties and comply with the Employer Shared Responsibility requirements of the ACA. This includes printing and distribution of forms to employees, as well as IRS e-filing and individual state e-filing, if required.

CBIZ ACA CheckPoint E-File Complete for Small, Level-funded or Self-funded Sponsors of Coverage

While many forms were traditionally filed by employers via paper submission in years past (with a limit of 250 forms filed), effective January 1, 2024, the IRS limits the number of forms filed by paper to 10 forms, in aggregate. This includes W-2s, 1099s and 1095s, among other forms. Many small employers don’t have the resources to complete this filing electronically, which is why CBIZ is excited to announce an employer reporting option with e-filing included.

This reporting will be specifically for Non-Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) in two levels:

This service is simple to sign up for and will be charged via credit card when forms are completed and ready to be sent out.

About CBIZ ACA Compliance Consulting Services

CBIZ’s subject matter experts provide consulting services specific to penalties proposed or assessed for Employer Shared Responsibility for specific years and EINs, including review of penalty letters, retrieval of penalty letters from the IRS (in cases where the employer only has a notice of the penalty being assessed), and even assistance with penalties wherein the employer has not reported at all for past tax years.

For a reasonable fee, CBIZ will prepare the response, complete the requested forms, obtain your signature and submit the response to the IRS for reconsideration — directly on your behalf.