Specialized Property Valuation Services

Public Sector Special Services


Public entities are feeling the impact of COVID-19. Even in less challenging times, public entities depend on progressive risk management to reduce risks and associated insurance costs. Accurate valuation data will directly impact both the sufficiency of your risk mitigation and the cost of your insurance programs.


CBIZ is experienced at collecting, managing and providing appraisal data analytics across the full spectrum of your properties and physical assets to improve your underwriting and modeling scores. We work with risk management professionals to help their clients achieve the best results.


Underwriters recognize the quality of replacement cost data and other features of CBIZ property valuation services, often resulting in significant discounts

Good data results in your premiums reflecting your actual exposure so that you can purchase the right amount of insurance and contain your long-term costs while reducing risks and securing favorable coverage terms from the underwriters.


We Serve:

  • Risk Pools and Risk Sharing Consortiums
  • States, Municipalities and School
  • Water, Wastewater and Electric Utilities
  • Higher Education
  • Specialty Insurers
  • Special Districts

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