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Professional Service Firms | National Practice

Helping you tackle the pressing issues in today’s business landscape.

Unprecedented technological expansion, workplace transition, generational retirements and fluctuating economic trends are just a few of the ongoing challenges facing professional service firms. Streamlining your business functions while maintaining the capacity to evaluate and pursue business opportunities is key to successful operations for professional service firms. CBIZ can help.

Accounting, Tax & Assurance*

Our financial and tax expertise supports your growth and profitability.

CBIZ financial advisors understand the complex world in which you operate. We work closely with your management team to identify accounting, tax, assurance* and advisory solutions to streamline your internal operations.

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Valuation Advisory

Our national bench of resources deliver the values you need in the time frame you need them.

Numbers are everything when it comes to your business — from the interests of your partners and shareholders to the assets it holds. You can rest assured you have the reliable data needed for decision-making with the solutions delivered by our team of valuation professionals.

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Employee Benefit Solutions

We help you maximize employee benefits, attract and retain employees, and build a thriving workplace culture.

No firm should settle for a cookie-cutter approach to benefits consulting. From small businesses to large employers, we have the experience to design strategic employee benefits solutions that attract and retain employees and drive workforce engagement.

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Risk Management

Our experienced insurance advisors identify your exposures, then customize a risk management program that secures the most favorable insurance coverage, pricing and terms.

Protecting your business and personal assets requires multi-faceted solutions provided by a broker with strong coverage options, a trusted reputation and deep industry expertise.

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Retirement & Investment Solutions

CBIZ provides plan design and a broad range of actuarial, administration and investment advisory solutions and resources to thousands of institutional and private clients.

From regulatory changes and compliance issues to market volatility and longer life expectancies, managing retirement plan and investment complexities is a time-consuming process requiring special attention and expertise. CBIZ provides customized, comprehensive solutions to fulfill each client’s unique needs.

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Human Capital Management

Our human capital management (HCM) solution brings your entire employee lifecycle into a single solution designed to help you attract and retain top-quality talent.

Employee engagement, talent development, flexible performance management and labor law compliance – CBIZ’s HCM solution helps you manage your people to today's emerging human capital management trends and deliver a great employee experience.

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After hitting 40-year highs in 2022, inflation rates are trending down. But the decline is expected to be gradual, slowed by continuing inflation for housing, health care, food and energy. In response, many professional services firms are implementing larger-than-average pay increases.

As the professional services industry continues to navigate a competitive labor market complicated by  higher-than-average employee turnover rates and the shift to hybrid work models, traditional defined benefit (DB) pension plans can be an effective differentiator for existing and future employees alike. Still, delivering pension benefits requires plan sponsors to navigate the challenges of ongoing pension administration, risk management and evolving employee expectations — often with limited staff.

The pay transparency movement continues to gain momentum. Several states and municipalities have enacted pay transparency requirements over the past several months. Many more are considering similar legislation as a way to improve pay equity and attract top talent.

The term “quiet quitting” went viral in 2022. After three tumultuous years of lockdowns, increasing employee burnout and shifting expectations for work-life balance, the phrase resonates with employees and employers alike. Quiet quitting sparks passionate reactions and prompts employers to seek fresh solutions to enhance employee engagement.

Maximizing savings and minimizing taxes are the universal goals when planning for retirement.