Prioritizing Your Infrastructure: Manufacturing and Distribution

Prioritizing Your Infrastructure in Manufacturing and Distribution

Today, manufacturers and distributors rely on their operational technology to increase automation, improve productivity and enhance data-driven insights. But cyberattacks in this industry have intensified, and your operational technology is a key component of prioritizing your critical infrastructure. That’s why it’s more important than ever to understand the why and the how behind protecting your operations — and the repercussions you may face otherwise.

In this eBook, we cover...

  • Chapter 1: Making Operational Technology a Cybersecurity Priority
  • Chapter 2: Insuring Your Business: Cyber vs. Traditional Interruption Coverage
  • Chapter 3: The True Cost of Preventing an OT Cyberattack
  • Chapter 4: How to Safely Invest in Innovation

By taking the insights in this guide into consideration and partnering with a qualified advisor, your business will be better equipped to stay ahead of evolving threats, ensuring operational continuity and resilience, and long-term success.