2024 Employee Benefits Benchmark Report | CBIZ Benefits

A compilation of statistics and insights to inform your 2024 employee benefits strategy

How are organizations like yours responding to increased health care costs, shifting employee needs and growing economic uncertainty? In our annual Employee Benefits Benchmark Report, we seek to answer that key question through the compilation of relevant data collected from employers across the country and spanning various industries.

From the top employee benefits for 2024 to trends regarding health plan costs, health plan design, workplace engagement and wellbeing and more, this guide contains 40+ pages of relevant data that offers insight into the strategies and offerings employers across the country are leveraging.

What is Employee Benefits Benchmarking?

Employee benefits benchmarking is intended to help your organization determine the competitiveness of your health plan via data collected on similar-sized employers’ plan costs, plan design and more. It is a valuable tool that can inform your benefits strategy throughout the plan year.

Whether you’re kicking off your annual employee benefits planning process, gearing up for your health plan renewal, or getting ready for open enrollment season, the data in this benefits benchmarking report can inform your strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness.

What Emerging Trends Are Impacting Employer-Sponsored Health Plans This Year?

Each year, ongoing and emerging trends continue to redefine employers’ approaches to employee benefits. A fluctuating economy, shifting employee needs and wants, and rising health care costs all present challenges that employers must address to stay competitive this year.

Some of the key trends shaping employee benefits plans in 2024 include a strong emphasis on employee experience, the growing importance of administrative efficiency, the need for strong cost-containment measures, and the rising popularity of phase of life benefits. Inside our employee benefits benchmarking report, we dive deeper into each of these trends to offer more insight into how your organization can adapt to and embrace them.

What’s Inside the Employee Benefits Benchmark Report?

Inside the annual Employee Benefits Benchmark Report, you’ll find statistics and insights regarding:

  • Employee benefits plan costs 
  • Health plan design 
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing 
  • Ancillary benefits 
  • Prescription drug management 
  • And more 

Ultimately, the information in this employee benefits benchmarking report will help you identify your plan’s strengths and weaknesses to fortify your recruitment, retention, and group health and welfare efforts.

Download your copy of the 2024 Employee Benefits Benchmark Report today.