The CBIZ Insurance Trust for Government Contractors

CBIZ Insurance Trust

FULLY OUTSOURCED SOLUTION – The CBIZ Insurance Trust for Government Contractors

CBIZ provides fully outsourced prevailing wage benefits through a proprietary turnkey solution – the CBIZ Insurance Trust.

The CBIZ Insurance Trust is a fully-insured group insurance arrangement created specifically for and limited to government contracting employers. It provides a turnkey solution for providing compliant benefits for SCA and DBA employees that includes a competitive benefit package and full administrative services. Benefit options include:

  • United Health Care (UHC) Major Medical plans with up to four point-of-enrollment PPO options available to employees
  • UHC’s vast national network of providers--minimizes employee out-of-pocket expenses, maximizes provider discounts and reduces claims experience
  • HSA and FSA options
  • UHC Dental and Vision plans
  • UHC online wellness program including online health risk assessment
  • Case management services
  • UHC employee assistance program
  • CIGNA basic life and disability plans
  • CIGNA voluntary life and disability plans

The CBIZ Insurance Trust incorporates our best practices approach to benefits for SCA and DBA employees, including the following:

  • Core benefit offering of Employee Only Medical/Dental/Vision with Basic Life/AD&D and Short Term Disability paid for entirely out of the employer’s hourly fringe benefit contribution. All full-time employees are provided this benefit package at no out of pocket expense. Employees may waive only upon proof of other group insurance coverage
  • Employees may use any hourly fringe dollars in excess of the cost of the core benefit package to offset a portion of the additional cost of a richer plan or dependent coverage
  • Employees whose H&W benefit elections do not fully utilize the hourly fringe will receive an employer contribution to the employer’s qualified retirement plan (typically a 401(k) plan). This contribution is calculated bi-monthly during the hourly fringe reconciliation process. CBIZ calculates the contribution and prepares an up-loadable contribution report tailored to the file specifications dictated by your 401(k) administrator
  • No cash in lieu of benefits options are allowed. The employer’s hourly fringe benefit contribution is fully utilized in providing bona fide fringe benefits. Neither the employer nor employee experience any adverse payroll related expenses as a result

Advantages of the CBIZ Insurance Trust include the following:

  • Greater risk pooling with participating employer
  • Benefit plan options that are consistent nationally for all prevailing wage employees
  • The ability to implement new contract sites within a shortened time frame
  • Dedicated actuarial and underwriting services