Tax Incentives & Training Grants

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State and local jurisdictions frequently offer tax incentives and training grants for companies that are expanding their business, adding jobs or making capital investments. Many companies may miss these opportunities for cash benefits, however, because they do not know these incentives are available or they miss the opportunity to apply. CBIZ state and local tax professionals have the experience and the expertise to help you take full advantage of the incentives available to you.

We work closely with state and local tax officials to negotiate incentive packages that result in savings for your company. To do so, however, we need to get involved early. State and local incentive packages bring the most benefit to clients when we negotiate the packages before any of the triggering events occur. Our services can help companies weigh their options about where to relocate or open new stores by providing an overview of the tax benefits in different jurisdictions. In order to receive training grants, certain paperwork must be filed before the company begins the hiring process.

Our state and local tax professionals leverage their depth and breadth of expertise to bring clients the solutions that help them capitalize on tax incentive and training grant opportunities. We stand at the ready to assist your company in making the most out of what your state and local jursidictions have to offer.

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Christopher  Baltimore Christopher Baltimore Managing Director - SALT & Tax Incentives
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