State and Local Tax Controversy

SALT Controversy

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The resolution of tax exposures, whether discovered internally or addressed by taxing jurisdictions, is ripe with tax savings opportunities if dealt with appropriately. CBIZ state and local tax (SALT) controversy resolutions blend practical and technical tax experience to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients. Our professionals frequently assist with pre-audit tax planning, audit case management and issue resolution/mitigation for the gamut of SALT controversies.

We take a holistic approach to helping our clients resolve state and local tax areas of uncertainty. In order to determine the appropriate position for your controversy, we carefully consider the specifics of your operations and the industry in which you operate. CBIZ SALT controversy specialists are experienced working with the gamut of businesses, from hospitality and entertainment venues to software companies. We leverage our expertise in tax, accounting and business in order to provide you a solution that minimizes your tax exposure and penalties. While analyzing the specifics of your SALT controversy, we also look for opportunities to provide you affirmative refund claims.

Throughout the controversy process, our professionals offer alternative perspectives and insights to ensure your resolution reflects all of the issues at stake. The tailored services we provide help you meet the challenges of your SALT controversy while delivering a prompt, successful resolution. 

Geoffrey J. Christian

Managing Director

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