State and Local Tax Controversy

State & Local Tax Controversy

State and Local Tax Controversy

Being on the receiving end of a state and local tax audit or inquiry can be draining. From pre-audit tax planning to audit case management and issue mitigation, your internal resources may find themselves stretched to meet requests while optimizing your organization’s outcome.

CBIZ helps you take advantage of the tax savings opportunities that come with skilled state and local tax issue resolution. Our state and local tax (SALT) solutions help resolve tax exposures – both those discovered internally or those addressed by tax jurisdictions. The blend of practical and technical tax experience delivers optimal outcomes that minimize penalties and in some situations, lead to affirmative refund claims.

Facing the New York City Housing Crisis head-on: Discover how tax exemption measures could stimulate the development of affordable housing and reshape the city's future.

Franchise Tax Refund Legislation passed in Tennessee could mean money back for your business. Explore the refund process and secure what you're owed by November 2024.

The Tennessee Revenue Commissioner recently concluded that a part of that state’s franchise tax that is based on the value of property located in Tennessee (the real and tangible property base) is likely unconstitutional.

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