Property Tax Consulting

Property Tax Consulting

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Property tax rules and regulations vary by jurisdiction, and keeping track of the different filing deadlines and nuanced requirements can make property tax compliance complex for multistate organizations. CBIZ’s state and local tax specialists can help. As a leading provider of tax, accounting and business solutions, CBIZ has the expertise you can rely on to ensure all of your locations stay in compliance with property tax regulations and meet all of tax return filing deadlines.

Property Tax Consulting Offerings

CBIZ offers cost-effective outsourced property tax services that allow you to focus more on your core business functions. Through our automated software program, we help streamline the property tax return process. Our tax specialists also conduct in-depth reviews of your fixed assets to bring you maximum tax savings and work closely with you to minimize your compliance risk. 

Through our responsive, proactive service offerings, you can receive the peace of mind that your property tax obligations are being met and you are taking full advantage of opportunities for property tax savings. For more information about how our services can help you, contact your local CBIZ office.


Richard W. Hermes

Managing Director