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State & Local Tax

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State and Local Tax

State and local taxes are an essential part of your tax strategy. But do you know how to make sure your company is compliant with all the different regulations? A comprehensive state and local tax strategy helps minimize your company's compliance risk and its tax burden.

CBIZ's dedicated state and local tax (SALT) professionals provide you with favorable, accurate, and defendable tax solutions. Enlist our expertise working with state and local jurisdictions to help you optimize your state and local tax reporting. The experience we have negotiating for tax incentives and credits allows us to deliver incentive packages that take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. Share your goals and objectives with us and receive a tax strategy tailored to meet your needs. We offer a full range of services to assist you with the SALT challenges you face.

State & Local Tax Solutions

  • Abandoned/Unclaimed Property: Receive guidance on how to reduce your abandoned or unclaimed property exposure.
  • Income & Franchise Tax: Our in-depth evaluations will teach you how to reduce your income and franchise tax risk.
  • Personal Property & Tax Compliance and Consulting: Review your company's locations and fixed assets to ensure they are reported correctly. We also provide outsourcing services that guarantee your property tax return is filed before the appropriate deadline.
  • Sales & Use Tax Refund Study: Work with us to find applicable exemptions and refunds for your sales and use taxes.
  • Sales Tax Compliance: Streamline sales tax reporting by outsourcing or co-sourcing return and preparation to our team. We also ensure you take advantage of applicable sales and use tax exemptions.
  • State & Local Tax Controversy: Access assistance throughout the tax controversy process to ensure you minimize your tax exposure, reduce or eliminate any penalties and receive applicable refund claims.
  • State & Local Tax Minimization: Review your state and local tax payments both ensures your compliance with tax regulations and pinpoints opportunities for further tax benefits, deferrals, or reductions.
  • Tax Incentives & Training Grants: Enlist our team to identify the hiring and/or training incentives for which you may be eligible if you plan to hire new employees or implement new technology.

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