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Section 382: Use of Net Operating Losses

Graph and pen representing net operating loss

Net Operating Loss (NOL) carryforwards can provide substantial tax and financial benefits to a corporation, but a company’s ability to use NOLs may be limited by certain factors. CBIZ’s Section 382 studies help companies ascertain whether they qualify for NOL limitations and if so, if the company is claiming the correct amount of NOLs on its income tax returns.

Our Section 382 studies provide detailed analysis of companies' shareholders over a three-year period. We look for evidence of a defined ownership change, a factor that limits companies’ ability to use NOL carryforwards from previous years to offset taxable income. If we determine an ownership change has occurred, we ensure the company is using all the pre-ownership-change NOLs it can.

As a leading provider of accounting, tax and business advisory solutions, CBIZ has the depth of understanding you can rely on to maximize your use of NOLs. Discover the value of a financial services provider that helps you maximize your tax benefits.

Jeffrey Baumgarten

Managing Director

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