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R&D Tax Credits

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The U.S. Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit offers lucrative tax incentives for companies that are undertaking product or software development or improvement. It reduces the current year effective tax rate and can trigger cash refunds from previously filed income tax returns. Though many companies take advantage of the credit, they may not receive the full benefit of the incentive.

CBIZ’s R&D tax professionals help ensure your company maximizes the advantages of the R&D tax credit. Our specialists have concluded hundreds of reviews and found previously unrecognized areas where our clients could receive additional benefits.We have helped the gamut of industry groups, from manufacturers to technology and life sciences companies, take advantage of this credit. Not only do we ensure our R&D tax credit studies bring significant value to your company in the current year, but we also provide documented approaches to identify available credits that benefit future years.

As a national provider of tax, accounting and business solutions, we have a depth of resources and expertise that we leverage to provide you superior R&D consulting services. We are committed to helping our clients take advantage of the full range of tax opportunities available to them.

Raj Rajan

Tax Managing Director

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