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ASC 740 Outsourcing

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ASC 740 Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing

You can't afford mistakes when you're under pressure. The time, resources, and expertise necessary to account for income taxes and prepare disclosures under ASC 740 can place a heavy demand on your company. The rules are complex, and the process requires a tight time frame to meet external audit deadlines and comply with reporting regulations. Under these conditions, the risk of misinterpreting the rules and making a financial statement error is high.

CBIZ ASC 740 outsourcing and co-sourcing services ensure that you comply with reporting requirements. Our specialists offer a depth of expertise working with ASC 740 regulations and proven experience in helping private and public companies meet their financial reporting deadlines across various industries. In our hands, your financial calculations will be prepared and reviewed by experienced, trained professionals who embody one of the nation's top tax, accounting, and business solutions providers.

ASC 740 Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing Solutions

  • Accounting for Income Taxes: Act as an extension of your organization to prepare the annual and quarterly tax provision analysis for ASC 740 by co-sourcing or outsourcing the work to our team. We can provide support at all levels to ensure a smooth audit and communicate the tax group’s value add activities to management.
  • Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (formerly FIN 48): Receive assistance with the necessary documentation and disclosure of uncertain income tax positions to help you determine which tax benefits may be recognized. Our specialists work with your company's finance personnel to design and implement a process that ensures compliance.

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