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ASC 740 Outsourcing

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The time, resources and calculations for the accounting for income tax and disclosures pursuant to ASC 740 can place heavy demands on companies. The rules are complex, and the calculations must be done in a timely fashion in order to meet reporting regulations. Under these conditions, the risk of misinterpreting the rules and making a financial misstatement is high.

CBIZ ASC 740 outsourcing services helps ensurance compliance with reporting requirements. Our specialists have a depth of expertise in working with the ASC 740 regulations. We are experienced in helping private and public companies across a spectrum of industries meet their financial reporting deadlines.

We work closely with you to complete or review your ASC 740 calculations. For public companies, we assist with the calculations and preparation of the quarterly disclosures required by the SEC. Private companies also must comply with ASC 740 and FIN 48, and we assist in meeting those requirements. Additionally, a review of your ASC 740 calculations may qualify as a “key control” under Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 regulations.

CBIZ ASC 740 services come with the additional assurance that your financial calculations have been prepared and reviewed by experienced, trained professionals. Our technical expertise in meeting financial reporting requirements has helped us become one of the nation’s top tax, accounting and business solutions providers.

Accounting for Income Taxes (formerly FAS 109)

Our specialists work closely with your CFO/tax department on a co-sourcing or outsourcing basis to calculate and compile the tax provision analysis for ASC 740.  We can also provide quarterly assistance to help you comply with audit requirements.

Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (formerly FIN 48)

As part of our accounting for uncertainty in income taxes services, we assist with the necessary documentation of income tax positions, help you determine which taxes positions may be recognized and help measure uncertain tax position benefits. Our specialists work with your company's finance personnel to design and implement a process that ensures compliance.